A recommended read: The Globe and Mail’s ‘Why kids need to fail to succeed in school’

The following article was in The Globe and Mail on August 31.  I have written about this topic on a couple of occasions in the past few years.  I thought the article would be of interest as we begin the 2012/13 school year.


Often in this space I will write about things students say to me that make me smile and remind me why teaching is such a rewarding, memorable and humourous profession.  Yesterday during the grade 1 drop in I met one of the new grade 2 boys who was accompanying his sister and his parents.  He said hi, and then looked up and said, “You have the same sandals as my Dad.”  An interesting first day observation between a student and a principal.

This morning, I came in from recess, and walked into the grade 1B classroom to deliver a couple of birthday cards.  The students were getting ready for their first KCS French lesson.  One of the grade 1 girls looks up at me and says, “You’re cute.”  I’m fairly certain that I have never had that said about me in my twenty years in education.  However, if you know my wife Heather’s email address, please feel free to pass this information on to her.  See you around the school.

Derek Logan
Head of School