Founding Member of KCS Addresses Senior School at Tie Ceremony

On Thursday, October 13, KCS held its Grade 9 Student Tie Presentation at St. George’s on the Hill. All Grade 9 students were presented with their school ties by Head of School, Derek Logan and Head of Senior School, Andrea Fanjoy. The Grade 10 students were also provided new ties (as KCS has changed its branding recently). The Senior School Tie Ceremony is the first special ceremony of the school year, a tradition that is now just two years old, and one that we’re sure will continue for years to come. 

This is a ceremony that will always give tribute to the founders and early students at the Senior School. Today, we were honoured to have one of the KCS founders address our Senior School students. The following is his address. We wanted to share his words with you and truly appreciate that the original vision is fulfilled.

“First of all, let me congratulate our Senior School students. It takes courage to do new unfamiliar things, to forge new ground, not only can it be unpredictable, but you have the responsibility of blazing a trail for those coming behind you. You are the new Kingsway College School pioneers, on a new path, one that will set the example for those just behind you as the Senior School progresses. And to the KCS parents: it is so easy to say “No” to something new, so thank you for saying “Yes”.

It was always the intention of the KCS founders to have a high school, but establishing a first class junior school was our top priority. So now, finally, another part of the original vision is fulfilled.

It always bothered me when other independent schools would refer to KCS as a ‘feeder school’ for their senior schools. Now, with this incredible facility, faculty, mind-expanding curriculum, and student body, those schools are soon going to start losing students to KCS.  So who’s the feeder school now?

It was 35 years ago this month that my wife Carol and I, our friends Doug and Shirray Langey, moved ahead with the concept for an independent school. Since then, KCS has always been going forward. Two of my children were lucky enough to attend KCS and, without exaggeration, will say that KCS is in their lives every day, with those great KCS values, how they treat other people and the knowledge of the world they gained. What a great investment!

So here we are today at another important point in time for KCS. I know how much effort and energy has gone into starting the Senior School. To all those involved in the getting the Senior School fulfilled, thank you for carrying the vision forward and for all your hard work.

And to the Senior School students. I know you will make us all proud.

Thank you”.

Peter Helston

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