The Last Time the Leafs Made the Playoffs

KCS Loves the LeafsTonight’s victory by the Leafs over Ottawa ensured that they would be involved in a playoff game sometime next month.  Here’s a look back on the year 2004, the last time the Leafs made the playoffs:

  1. None of our grade 1 or 2 students had been born (and even some of our grade 3s)
  2. We still had only one class in each of grades 5-8.
  3. Shrek 2 was the number one movie and Usher was the top selling album
  4. Our 18 000 square foot Third Addition had not been built
  5. KCS didn’t have social media sites…sometimes I feel it would be nice to go back to this time!
  6. Current Leafs; James Reimer, Phil Kessel, and Jake Gardiner were in high school
  7. We sent home our newsletters on paper in your son or daughter’s knapsack
  8. Glenn Zederayko was Head of School
  9. Elmo was the hottest toy on the market
  10. The majority of students did not carry around cell phones (the phone would not fit in their locker)
  11. Our student population was approximately 220 students – almost 2/3s of our current student body
  12. A daughter of one of our teachers was born on May 4, 2004
    (Toronto Star, Apr. 20, 2013 – Toronto Maple Leafs: Return to playoffs would be first-time experience for these kids)

What have you done since May 2004?

Derek Logan
Head of School

Drinking From the Stanley Cup

Three or four of you might have watched the conclusion to the NHL season last night.  If you are really interested, you may have watched the postgame celebration on the ice and in the dressing room with the Cup.  You may have asked yourselves, I wonder what the liquid is they are drinking when they pass the Stanley Cup around.  A KCS grade one boy has the answer.

Last week, I was sitting at my desk at the end of lunchtime, when two grade 1 boys asked if they could come in and speak to me.  The first boy asked me if I could do anything I want in my job.  Before I was able to respond, his sidekick looked over at a poster I have in my office with Bobby Orr drinking out of the Stanley Cup after winning it in 1972.  At the bottom of the poster it states:  TRIUMPH:  “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”—Thomas Paine.  He asked me who was in the photo and why is he drinking out of the Cup?

I told him the photo was of Bobby Orr and it was taken in the dressing room right after the Bruins won the Cup.  This caused him to pause, look at the poster and then back at me and ask, “So he was really thirsty so he poured some water into the Stanley Cup and had a big drink?”  “Exactly,” was my response.

Derek Logan
Head of School