Thanking Others

For the past couple of weeks, I have watched my wife, Heather, prepare for a raffle for my son’s soccer team. One day she came home from a parents’ meeting and let me know that she had volunteered to do this. Heather sent various emails, wrapped baskets, answered phone calls, made a couple of visits to the mall, etc. She has received thanks from various families, the coach and team manager, and disappointingly dealt with some ungrateful families along the way. Heather would talk to me about these responses, but as she said to me, it wasn’t about her, it was for the boys.

Heather’s ex-military. She gets the idea of service to others. All she wants is a thank you when she does something like this raffle. In our “discussions” about the raffle, I mentioned how tremendous our volunteers are at KCS. How they are involved in a wide variety of activities, both in the classroom, in our school store, on the Board/committees, on school trips or organizing school wide events (such as the Welcome Back BBQ, the Christmas Cracker, the Gala, etc.). Heather knows that by volunteering without the expectation of getting something in return besides a thank you, she was setting a terrific example for Alyssa and Brandon.

The commitment of time by our volunteers for the benefit of the students of KCS allows us to do so much. I know Heather’s time preparing for the soccer raffle will benefit the boys on the team. When our families choose to give their time to KCS, the staff, faculty and students appreciate it. We remind our students to say thank you to our volunteers, and I do my best to say thank you to our volunteers in person, via a phone call or an email. Each of you, by volunteering, act as examples to your kids and reinforce our curriculum about the importance of doing things for others. If you’ve been involved in volunteering at KCS this term, thank you. Without your commitment, we would not be the school that we are today.

Derek Logan
Head of School

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