Being an Educator is Much More than a Job

This week our 7/8 team competed in the annual PSAA touch football tournament in Oakville. Unfortunately for the students, this wasn’t one of those years in which we took home the championship banner. And while I admit, winning is much more enjoyable than losing, as I have written before in this space there is so much more to sports than winning for both the participants and the coaches.

Our team played four games, tying one game, losing a couple of close games, and I won’t try to write about the fourth game. However, at the last game, I’m standing beside one of our players. It’s about five minutes into the game, and he turns to me and says to me, “I don’t know if you’ve had a great time today, but I sure did.” These are the things that happen to me in education that make what I do much more than a job.

Derek Logan
Head of School

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