The Pepperette Proxy

In the various communication classes and readings on the subject that I’ve done over the years, I have always been reminded that it is important to hit your  audience early in order to get their attention.  You can do this with a captivating story, humour, and many other techniques.  So here goes.  A couple of weeks ago, on a Friday afternoon, I received an email from our Director of Admissions and Operations that stated that one of our students was in the office, on the phone with his mother, because he had accidentally got a pepperette stuck up his nose.  As I always say every year at grade 8 graduation, you cannot make this stuff up.  My response to our Director:  regular or spicy?  I realize it’s hard to get this visualization out of your mind. My lunchtime hasn’t been the same since, although you should know that it all ended happily with a sneeze.

Now that I have your attention, and I know some of you will forward this on to some of your other friends at KCS, if you have not yet brought in your two proxies from your family for our Annual General meeting next Wednesday, please do so by the end of the day on Monday, November 25th.  This is very important, and we appreciate you helping us out.  If you’ve misplaced your blue proxy forms, you can pick up another one from the main office.  I’m sure our office staff will share with you their memories of that day a couple of weeks ago.

Derek Logan
Head of School

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