Another look back at 1989

nintendo gameboyI had a great response to my September 5th blog from people around the school so here are a few more moments from 1989, the year our school opened its doors for the first time:

  • Nintendo released the Game Boy portable video game system in North America
  • Mme. Smith was changing diapers of her one year old daughter, Samantha.
  • Ms. Murphy graduated from high school in Halifax.
  • Thousands of Chinese students occupied Tiananmen Square in China
  • Mme. Lacroix met her future husband, Tom (who then waited nine years to ask her to marry him).
  • In a meeting off the coast of Malta, U.S. President George H.W. Bush and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev released statements indicating that the Cold War between their nations may be coming to an end.
  • Mr. Kim got his Driver’s license.
  • First McDonald’s restaurant in USSR began construction in Moscow
  • Ms. Biljetina went to French camp
  • The first unofficial text message was sent in 1989
  • Mrs. Morgan was obsessed by Michael Jackson (she even had the zippered jacket).
  • Rain Man won the Oscar for Best Picture
  • Mr. Stoyles was in grade 5 in Newfoundland
  • In Alaska’s Prince William Sound the Exxon Valdez spilled 240,000 barrels (11 million gallons) of oil after running aground
  • Ms. Davis was training to be a cashier (she was in high school)
  • Calgary Flames won the Stanley Cup
  • Mme. Klimenko was getting ready to graduate high school in Moscow.
  • Microsoft Office was first released and the 486 series of microprocessor introduced by Intel
  • Mr. Hayes was a provincial champion swimmer.
  • The song Don’t Worry Be Happy was released by Bobby McFerrin
  • Mme. Robins bought her first car with the money she saved up from working part time jobs:  a silver Toyota Corolla.  It should have been yellow as it was a lemon.

Derek Logan
Head of School

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