A Beautiful Thing

It’s not easy being a teen. It’s not always easy being a young child either. Bring the two together to play, however, and life doesn’t get much better.

Grade 8, being our graduating year, brings a number of special responsibilities. Among these is the grade 8 – primary buddy program. In early October, each grade 8 student is assigned to be a buddy for a new student in grade 1 or 2. Their challenge? Get to know their young buddy, find out what they enjoy doing, and then do it with them over the course of the year.

Collectively they’ve had tea parties, picnics, dodge ball games, and Wii Dance recesses. They’ve played soccer outside, built Lego in my office and read together in the library. One group of buddies made a picture book together. Another particularly hard-working group organized a school-wide scavenger hunt. High fives and hugs are the signature greeting when they pass each other in the hall.

The joy and reverence on the youngest faces is tonic for troubled teens. The attention of the oldest, biggest and most respected students of the school immediately overrides any frustrations of being five, six or seven. Any students and teachers walking by can’t help but stop, smile and watch them play.

Life isn’t always easy or beautiful. Grade 8s making these occasions happen for their young buddies is undeniably beautiful. Make the world better is one of our KCS Habits. Thank you, grade 8s, for making our little piece of the world much better.

Andrea Fanjoy,
Assistant Head, Academics
You can follow Andrea on Twitter @afanjoy.

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