Hope You Enjoyed the Last 54 Days

European Battlefields trip

The St. Julien Memorial – a Canadian war memorial located in the village of Saint-Julien, Belgium. KCS European Battlefields trip 2013.

My last Blog post was February 12th.  A couple of times each week since then, a thought comes into my mind that I need to write another post.  Each week I feel guilty for not writing, but then I start on something else work or family related and another week passes by.  The guilt begins again, I begin something else, and then another week passes without another post.  It’s not that I haven’t been doing things the last eight weeks.  I’ve been down to Philadelphia to attend the annual NAIS conference for educators across North American; attended a trip to the Canadian battlefields in Europe along with 74 other students, teachers and parents from KCS during the first week of the March break; prepared for Board meetings, strategic planning sessions, and staff meetings; read books; watched my Leafs on their playoff push while laughing at the hockey commentators and their inability to predict any trades; attended plenty of soccer training sessions with my son; celebrated a 75th birthday for my Dad, a 70th birthday for my mom (hi mom, thanks for reading!), and a 93rd birthday for my grandmother; bought Eagles tickets for July 11th.

In short, life happened, my blog posts didn’t.  Life went on for you, and the fact that you didn’t read a blog post from me may not have made a difference in your last 54 days.  It got me thinking about all the things we try to cram into each day, and if we didn’t do them, what would really happen?  Maybe this blog post made you think for a second, maybe it was a non-starter; maybe it was a happy distraction in your day.   At least for me, I no longer feel guilty about not writing something, my ‘writer’s block’ has been overcome and I’m already enjoying working on my next post. Stay tuned…

Derek Logan
Head of School

1 thought on “Hope You Enjoyed the Last 54 Days

  1. I did read it and thank you for making time for us in your busy life. Wears me out thinking about it.
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