You Gotta Try This

DancerIn need of a work-day boost? Fed-up with the February blahs? In general need of a joyful escape but March Break is still too far away?

Our eight-year-olds know just what you need.

A group of five girls spent weeks putting it all together. They developed the plan, checked with their teachers, found a date that worked, and chose the DJ.

‘We Gotta Dance’ was a dance party for all grade twos and any available teachers. For 20 minutes, we boogied to “Gangnum Style”, “Call Me Maybe” and other good-time tunes that banish the blahs. Boys, girls, and lucky teachers, shimmied, sang, ran, laughed, rocked and rolled.

If your workplace has a vacant room, and a boss who’s willing, you gotta give this a try. This is a boost that’s as good for the body as it is for the bottom line.

What do you think?

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