Tradition and Memories

On the Thanksgiving weekend, our family travelled to South Bend, Indiana so Brandon and I could attend a college football game between the Air Force Academy and Notre Dame. We love the college game day experience. The 300+ member marching bands, the food, the size of the crowd, the player walk, etc. If we lived in the States, my son and I would attend a game every weekend.

My parents, my brother, sister and I used to go to Notre Dame when I was younger. My Uncle Bill worked in the stadium on Saturdays. The last game I attended with my Dad and brother was about 30 years ago. Saw Florida State. Sat in the student section with my brother. Great memories.

Two years ago, my son and I started our own tradition. We went to the University of Michigan for a game against the Irish. This was my son’s first college football experience. We had bought him the tickets for his birthday. 110 000 people in one place; outstanding game even though the Irish lost in the last minute. Last year, we travelled to East Lansing to watch Michigan State vs. ND. This time my wife and daughter attended the game with us. Overtime. Fake field goal to win for State. Crowd went crazy. Another Irish loss. Learned a lesson: it’s better to attend a game only with my son…

Tradition and memories. Our family has them. So does KCS. I’m sure your family does as well.

Derek Logan
Head of School

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