Homework Made Happier?

I’m a happy person. It’s my nature to look at the positive side of life.

But even I know how unhappy homework can be.

Getting homework right at all times is something all schools struggle with. Wanting to get it right, KCS undertook a significant review of our practice last year. We spoke with all students, surveyed all parents, and asked all teachers about homework. We also looked at research. We knew we could improve, so we went to unusual lengths to do so. A report with our findings, homework guidelines and details of new practices was shared with faculty in August. A nine-page report for parents was posted in our October 6th parent e-newsletter, Stay Connected, and will remain in the ‘Speaking of School’ section under ‘About Us’ on our website.

Maybe homework is already a happy time in your family. We obviously love to hear good news stories. However, if there’s room for improvement in your experience, please check out the report.

While life can’t always be happy, it’s always worth trying to make it more so. We’ve done our homework. We hope it makes yours happier.

Andrea Fanjoy,
Assistant Head, Academics

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