Summer Reading

Summer provides some of us with the opportunities to get to do many of the things we are not able to get to during the school year.  For my family we take the time in the summer to travel, to spend more time together with friends, to read and cook, and just hang out around the house.  Reading for me has always been a pleasurable activity.  Since I entered the profession of teaching eighteen years ago, over the course of each summer, I’ll typically read about dozen books.

My daughter has always enjoyed reading; my son, not so much.  In August, the three of us were in a bookstore, and I picked up Alexandra Robbins new book entitled The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth.  Although I do spend some of my time reading educational articles, books, etc., it is unusual for me to pick up an educational book to read in the summer.  My interests lie in military history, sports, biographies and sometimes the books that are referred to me by others.  For some reason, this book caught my eye.  As I took it to the checkout, Alyssa said to me, “I was going to buy that book, Dad.”  That’s interesting, I thought to myself as I made my payment.  I wasn’t disappointed; neither was Alyssa.  It has been passed to my wife Heather.  It’s an eye opening look at adolescents, groups, and high school.  It will bring back memories of school days and make an impression.  It may bring watery eyes and tears.  And hope.  Definitely a good read for parents, educators and students.

Derek Logan
Head of School

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