Sharing What We Know

Have you ever felt like you could burst from excitement, pride and stories to share?

Have you ever felt you are witnessing something rare and wonderful?

That doesn’t happen every day at KCS, but I’ve often felt this way, and for good reason. Singular events like two young students independently working out a conflict with the wisdom and maturity that most adults could learn from. Bigger student leadership projects that make our little world at KCS a much better place, if not also communities beyond our walls. And then there are the assemblies where many of these small and big moments in academics, arts, athletics and citizenship are showcased all in one sitting, and where I am overcome with awe at the potential for good in schools.

These things don’t just happen by good luck. Without question, we’re lucky at KCS to have an exceptionally dedicated group of parents, faculty and staff. But these things happen because of what this group does.

What happens here, and how they happen here, are stories I’ve been wanting to share for years. This is reason #1 for why I’m thrilled with the launch of this blog.

Reason #2 is the dialogue that I hope will follow. The special things happening at KCS have their roots in dialogue: teachers dropping by; team collaboration; meetings with any combination of teachers, staff, administrators, parents, students and friends of KCS; feedback and ensuing discussion from surveys; Student Voice; and professional development. Dialogue is the engine that drives KCS.

We hope you enjoy the stories as much as we enjoy living them. If you are not from the KCS community but part of another school or system, we hope these stories provoke the reflection and imagination that will lead to stories of your own. And please, join in the dialogue by sharing what you know and asking questions to drive the discussion deeper. We’ll be grateful for your insights.

And so this something rare and wonderful can grow and spread.

Andrea Fanjoy
Assistant Head, Academics

What do you think?

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