Winning Without Coming in First Place

On Monday morning, our grade 3 cross country team went to their meet at Heart Lake in Brampton.  I wasn’t able to attend, however, over the past 48 hours I have heard many comments from students and teachers that it was a great event.  As usual, I heard about how hard our students competed, how much they enjoyed themselves, and how this event was a wonderful introduction for our youngest cross country athletes.

And then I heard another story.  One that reminds me about the role an excellent coach, parent and teacher can have on a young person and how they choose to act.

One of our students fell at the beginning of the race.  There was a question about whether or not he was intentionally pushed, but in the student’s words, “only the guy who pushed me will know…”  He didn’t quit.  Instead he got back up and ran until he couldn’t run anymore.  After he finished running his friends came by, offered words of encouragement and checked in on him.  Another student helped him by going to get his lunch off the bus.  All wonderful gestures and not surprising from the students at KCS.  What made this story even more heartwarming was what happened when the student realized he could not keep running.  In the middle of the race, another boy stopped running himself and helped his classmate find a teacher.  After he did this, the student got back in the race and finished it.  The runner who was hurt said to his mom afterwards, “[He] stopped to help me”.

To Zach and Daniel, thanks for your efforts on behalf of our cross country team.  More importantly, thanks for doing what is right.  I’m proud to know both of you and you can be on my team any day.

Derek Logan
Head of School

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