Me to We Leadership Centre

Last fall Ms. Field (Director of Athletics) and Ms. Gaudet (Citizenship Coordinator) came to me and suggested we make changes to our outdoor education and leadership program for our grades 7 & 8 students.  Last week saw the culmination of that initial discussion almost twelve months ago when our intermediate students attended the Me to We Leadership Centre in Bethany, Ontario during the first week of school.

Feedback upon their arrival back to school last Friday, as well as the various conversations I’ve had with students and teachers over the past few days, have helped me to realize that all of the work that went on behind the scenes over the past year to make this change happen is already having a positive impact on our students.  It reminded me that too often we see the final product of something and forget about all the thought and efforts that went on behind the scenes to make it happen.  The easiest thing would have been to keep the program the way it had been running for the past three to four years.  But that is not leadership.  If there is one thing I’ve learned as a Head at KCS over the past five years, doing the easy thing in the short term is almost never the right thing to do in the long term.

Over the coming school year, I look forward to seeing firsthand the development of our student leaders and the action they each take to make KCS and our community a better place for everyone.  Going to the Me to We Leadership Centre was a great way to kick start these efforts.

Derek Logan
Head of School

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