A Bunch of Wonderful, Squeezed into Four Days

Sometimes, life seems unusually lop-sided. The week of February 20th, a four-day week coming off of our Mid-Term Break, life at KCS felt that way. It had way more than its fair share of wonderful.

Starting Tuesday, astonishing art adorned the foyer. Staff, parents and students arriving at KCS were greeted with grade 7 ‘memories’ sculptures and canvas painting in the style of Alex Colville, posters from the musical poster contest, Inuit art from the grade 2s, folk art in the style of Maud Lewis by the grade 4s, and biographies of our ‘Big Bad Musical’ cast. As if that wasn’t enough to look at, the KCS TV shared photos of our ice hockey club playing sledge hockey, our grade 8s playing with their grades 1 and 2 buddies, and many other beautiful moments from our Four Doors to Learning program.

Wednesday was our annual grade 4 Medieval Times Feast. Students, dressed as lords, ladies, dragons and jesters, entertained parents, other students, and faculty through skits, sword-fights, jokes, juggling, poetry-reading and ukulele-playing. The students’  family ‘coat-of-arms’, ‘stained glass’ and gargoyles adorned Canada Hall. A mighty feast followed, thanks to the generous efforts of many parents.

Thursday was our February “Wake Up to the Arts”. The foyer, already festooned in art, was now complemented with student curators and live music from students as well as music from our upcoming musical. Thursday also saw our U12 girls basketball team reach double overtime in the finals, earning second in the tournament. In the evening, parents, staff and faculty enjoyed ‘Pasta Palooza’, good company, and heart-warming speeches.

Friday started with the weekly ‘Free Hugs and High Fives’ from four grade 7s greeting all who enter. Starting at 9:00, the grade 6s enjoyed a speakers’ series where guests spoke of their successful careers, enticing students to consider their future role in a global marketplace. Meanwhile in chapel, the following took place for the rest of the school:

  • Five students read ‘bricks’ for the Wall of Service
  • Eight grade 2 students read about their ‘Acts of Kindness’
  • Three grade 5s spoke about their ‘Turn Out the Lights Tuesday’ campaign
  • Three grade 7s announced that last week was a record-breaking ‘Walk-to-School-Wednesday’
  • Five grade 7s led our weekly ‘Compliment Friday’, which invited four students and a teacher to give public compliments
  • The House Captains announced upcoming House Lunches, the House mascot names, and an upcoming contest, “Are you smarter than a House Captain?”

Honestly, where else was there a week like this?

School, just like life, isn’t always happy. It can be tough, frustrating, and even unpleasant. We can’t always shield students from this fact, nor should we if we could. What is important, however, is that children learn they can make a lot of goodness happen in their lives.  Happiness, and well-earned pride from making a difference, is in their control. This is a lesson infused in all the academics, arts, athletics and citizenship at KCS. And goodness, when squeezed into a short week, they pack a mighty punch.

What do you think?

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