Responding with Awe and Appreciation in Grade One

Their eyes were wide as saucers. They screamed. They squealed. Their bodies jiggled with joy and laughter as they watched what their teddy bears got up to in the library over the weekend. The world has many places that are truly awesome. Last weekend, in the eyes of the grade ones, our library was one of those most special places.

Hartley the Bear

Hartley the Bear, the host of the party!

During a Friday Pyjama Day, with Ms Hoggarth’s help, Hartley the Bear, the KCS library mascot, announced that he would be hosting a party over the weekend for the teddy bears of all the grade one students. The party would begin when all ‘their people’ left at the end of the day. Cameras were set up to capture the shenanigans.

You can see the results here. What you can’t see is the response of the grade ones when they watched their imaginations come to life. Of course, the teddy bears’ activity came about as a result of some human friends. It wasn’t real. But the wonder and surprise, the awe and appreciation, was real. It was a lesson that goes as follows: your imagination is valued, things you imagine can come true, libraries can be magical places, and school can have wonderful surprises that will make you smile with appreciation for years to come.

Thank you, Hartley and friends, for making this unforgettable experience happen. You are nurturing a Habit that is boundless in value. The awe and appreciation you have inspired reach far beyond the grade ones.

Andrea Fanjoy,
Assistant Head, Academics

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