Make the World Better

“…I like donating things. You should try it. It needs to be simple and it needs to make someone happy.” -Teagan (grade 2)

I wish every seven year-old could come to KCS for grade two. That way more people would learn to make the world better.

As part of their year-long study of citizenship, the grade two students are asked to perform acts of kindness. With the help of their parents, they conjure up dozens of ways in which to help others and our planet. When done, they write about their acts and then share their accounts at assembly.

Here is what this year’s grade twos have done to make the world better:

  • Nine students donated to food banks
  • Eleven students donated to Goodwill
  • Five either donated to or did something nice for hospitals
  • Six helped homeless people and a women’s shelter
  • Eight donated to charities such as the Children’s Wish Foundation, Unicef, Youth Unlimited, World Wildlife Fund and the Aga Khan Foundation
  • Seven contributed locally by helping a neighbour, helping a family in need, picking up litter, donating to their former nursery school and recycling old batteries
  • Two donated books to a book drive

This is just the beginning. Since their first week at KCS, they have seen students of all ages get up in assemblies and share their acts of service, written on “bricks” for our Wall of Service. They have seen students from grades three to eight sharing leadership projects that make a difference in our school and beyond. And they have been greeted in the foyer with food drives and book drives and shoe drives and winter coat drives. The “Act of Kindness” unit is their launching pad for many acts to come. It is the beginning of a habit that matters on a global scale.

Teagan is in grade two. Her quote, however, captures a wisdom way beyond her years. If only every seven year-old could come to KCS for grade two.

What do you think?

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