“KCS is Like an Arcade Centre for Your Brain”

That’s what Daniel thinks. When challenged to improve a bare-bones paragraph about KCS, the grade five flood-gates opened. Here are more passion-fuelled excerpts from some budding writers:

“…Learning here at KCS is a blast. You will be taught to persist no matter what. You will be told to try your best and strive for accuracy in everything you do. KCS is an exciting, friendly place to learn and you will love it here no matter who you are because KCS is the best! – Amelia

“…Another thing I love about K.C.S. is that everyone is so nice. If one person falls everyone will be there to help them, even if they just slipped in the mud. People are always asking if they need help, need to borrow something or anything else. I have never gone a day at K.C.S. that I have not seen at least 5 nice things happen to someone. It’s like if a really mean person walks into the school then suddenly they are hit with a nice ray and then they are really nice!” – Carys

The Best Things about KCS are…
…Too many to mention. The students rock. They work hard and do such a great job.
Teachers, oh teachers they are so great.
They encourage me to punctuate.
They show self-control,
And rock and roll.
They help us do what is right
And teach us to be bright.
The teachers at KCS rule
They are also so awesomely cool.
I wish every school was KCS. The world would be such a better place…
– Andrew

“… The teachers are the most helpful and kind people I have ever met.  Not one of the teachers at K.C.S. aren’t willing to stop doing what they are doing and help you out or answer one of your questions. Whenever a new student comes to K.C.S. everyone is open to tell them where to go or even be their buddy for the first few days…We learn so much sometimes my friends and I think our brains need more space…” – Jessica

“KCS is my world because there are so many wonderful students and teachers. When I walk in every morning I feel like this is my family. The students are always nice and inviting. Don’t even get me started on the teachers because they care for you as if you are a child of their own…” – Melena

“We have 4 school rules: Respect, Manners, Try your best, and don’t feed the Washington squirrels. “  – Kevin

“…When I walk through the school door, I inhale and think of all of my friends. I really hope my life at this school never ends. A teacher then greets me with a huge smile. I soon smile back; I hope I’m here for a while. This school always reminds me of a humpback whale. A humpback whale that’s not willing to bail. It always warms my heart when others hold the door for me, that it fills my whole heart with tons of joy and glee…” – Sierra

“KCS is an extraordinary school. There is never a dull moment. Each day is filled with excitement. The students are very welcoming and kind. They are willing to hold a door for you or assist you when you need help …Many people say school is meaningless, but I say that KCS isn’t a school. It’s more like your home away from home. It’s a place where you can be crazy, and laugh your head off. KCS is the place you want to be!” – Summer

“…In conclusion, KCS is an amazing school. Anyone who goes here will agree with me. If you aren’t already going to KCS, you should really consider it.” – Jacqueline

Andrea Fanjoy
Assistant Head, Academics

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