What Would You Do?

Two weeks ago our staff recertified for First Aid and CPR.  Following the session, I was speaking to the trainers, Gil and Paul, about reacting to “crisis” situations that each of us will face in life.  We all agreed that we really never know how we would react in a situation until we are in it.  What you think you would do is meaningless until you are in a similar situation and you act (or not).  The commentary on the actions of the captain of the Costa Concordia is certainly an example of how a person could react when faced by a crisis.

Each year at KCS we see many situations in which students are interacting with each other and we often find ourselves asking the question, “Why did this student or students react to the situation they were in in the way they did?”  If you didn’t read this already, below is a link to an article from The Globe and Mail’s Life section from Friday, January 20th that may help to understand why people react the way that they do.  It’s worth a look.


Derek Logan
Head of School

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