90 Days and Counting

It’s been almost three months since my first Blog post went up.  Writing comes with the territory of being a Head of School:   Blog posts, speeches, Open House presentations, misplaced Christmas concert concluding thoughts, etc.  And although over the years it has gotten easier with practice, like all things, it is never simple.  I took a few minutes today to review the eighteen blogs I’ve written since September 22:

  • Becoming a Blogger
  • Things You Can’t Control
  • Summer Reading
  • Auditions and Tryouts
  • Are You Kidding Me?
  • It Has to Start Somewhere
  • Tradition and Memories
  • Being Stuck
  • Survey Says…
  • Report Cards Used to Say What?
  • The Power of the Jelly Bean
  • Remember
  • When Winning Doesn’t Matter
  • Thanking Others
  • Being an Educator is Much More Than A Job
  • Establishing Positive Habits
  • World War II on Twitter
  • Give Your Kids a Chance to Explain

The topics have been wide-ranging, hopefully thought-provoking and/or interesting, while some may just bring a smile.  It’s pleasing to see that we now have approximately 40 people following our Blog.  Thanks for signing up.  My next Blog post won’t be until January.  Until then, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe holiday with your families.

Derek Logan
Head of School

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