The Power of the Jelly Bean

KCS JellybeansAbout a year ago I put a bowl of jelly beans on the table in my office. There was a simple reason to do so: I like jelly beans. Subsequently, I’ve discovered many others do as well: teachers, parents, committee members, and students. Since that day, my bowl of jelly beans has taught me some things.

Some observations:

  1. Jelly beans are a great conversation starter. People like to tell me their favourite flavours and their not-so-favourite flavours. Others aren’t so discerning. Those who frequent my office a lot enjoy discussing the various brands of jelly brands that can be found in the bowl. I purchase the ones that are on sale and in the store that I’m in…usually the Shopper’s Drug Mart around the corner from my house. This suggests I’m cheap and don’t like shopping…both correct.
  2. Jelly beans can lead to feeling guilty. I see this all the time in a number of ways. It might be by the people who eat so many of them and, as a result, stop by my office with a fresh bag to replenish the bowl. This is a common occurrence since the bowl needs to be filled up on a weekly basis. Some people will eat them only in the afternoon. “It’s too early to eat candy” is a common refrain heard. Like eating a jelly bean in the afternoon instead of the morning really makes a difference. I would suggest that these same folks are the ones who would consistently eat ½ a donut in the staffroom (at least when it was a regular occurrence to find donuts in the staffroom).
  3. Jelly beans can tell you a little about a person’s manners. It’s always interesting to watch a new person in my office. Some will ask if they can have one, others will just take them. People who already know me are interesting as well. For most of them, they will only eat jelly beans when I’m in my office. However, others sneak in my office when I’m not there and eat them (I know who you are…students tell me).
  4. Jelly beans uncover personal rules people set for themselves. Some people have told me they won’t eat them at all because they don’t “eat unwrapped candy in bowls”. For some reason, primary teachers often share this rule with me.
  5. People play favourites with jelly beans and choose some flavours and colours over others. Sometimes a person will pick through the bowl and are very selective about the ones they choose to eat. Hmmm…

Stop by and have a jelly bean or two; but remember, I’m watching you even when I’m not there.

Derek Logan
Head of School

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