Zombies and Other Leaders

As I turned the corner, there he was. Dressed in black, blood dripping down his face, one eyeball hanging from its socket and, most curiously, a flicking tongue protruding from his forehead.

Surprised and a little uncomfortable, maybe I just need to get out of Etobicoke more often.

My husband and I had just left Private Lives, the Noel Coward play at The Princess of Wales. Our boys were spending the day and night with their grandmother, and we were ambling our way to Little Italy for dinner. We were also, we later learned, in the midst of the annual Zombie Walk. Our moment of middle-aged pleasure was turned inside out by dozens of moaning, groaning, staggering, decomposing creatures from the earth.

Zombies as leaders you ask? I admit, my first instinct was to be put out by such disturbing images in my path. However, the Habits that seem to lie in wait in my mind, pouncing whenever I lazily try to avoid them, set me straight. What are the Zombies doing wrong? There wasn’t a single Habit they were breaking that I could fault them for. And when I thought about it, they were doing some things perfectly right. They were thinking and acting creatively, they were taking a responsible risk, and despite the dreary façade, there’s no doubt good-hearted humour was underneath it all. They were setting a positive example on worthy fronts.

While the Zombies weren’t trying to be leaders, they did make a difference with me. They reminded me not to jump to judgment. It was an ‘embrace learning’ moment that I deserved.

Happy Halloween to all. May it be full of zombies and other leaders.

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