Being Stuck

I knew this day would come.  I was hoping it wouldn’t come so early.  This is about my eighth entry for our school’s blog.  For the past few days, I’ve been speaking to various individuals about what I would write.  I’ve been in and out of classes trying to come across a funny story or two.  Nothing was resonating with me.  For example, I entered a grade 6 class early on Friday morning.  They were just getting ready for recess and their homeform teacher was talking to them about our upcoming Halloween school dance for our grades 6-8 students.  Most of the students were committed to attend.  One of the boys was holding out.  Following the discussion, his comment was, “Alright, I’ll come for the snacks.”  It made me smile.  Hopefully it did the same for you.

Was this story worthy of writing about in my blog?  Did it have a message that people want to hear?  Is it significant enough?  What will people think about me if I write this down?  I guess it’s too late to worry about those questions now.

Derek Logan
Head of School

What do you think?

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