Becoming a blogger

Another learning experience at KCS begins with this sentence. Last year as we were updating our website, setting our school up on Facebook and Twitter, it was suggested (told) to me that I would have a Blog on our website. “Why?” I asked (I learned that this is the most important question that a history teacher asks students), “who is going to want to read my thoughts on events at KCS, educational issues, and other items that I have yet to think of?” The answer I received: “People will. You’ll see.” I guess we will.

Becoming a blogger will be just one of the new expected and unexpected challenges I will face as Head of School this year. Your children are going to face new challenges and new things this year both at school and elsewhere. Getting your children to respond positively, pro-actively and with determination is important. Help them to understand how to deal with these challenges with examples of how you have dealt with new things. Or send them to me. Since I became Head of School at KCS in July 2007, very few days have gone by without something new and challenging that I have the opportunity to solve, tackle, or stay awake at night thinking about. As of this morning, I was on challenge #1073.

Derek Logan
Head of School

2 thoughts on “Becoming a blogger

  1. Derek – This must fall into the category of doing something that you personally find uncomfortable and challenging. Adelle tells me that this is a message taught at KCS. Good modelling for the kids!

  2. This blog is a great idea! The content doesn’t always have to be personal observations because that’s a lot of pressure! You can also point us towards something you read or saw that you found interesting and pertinent. Photos and videos are also a welcome addition to any blog. Keep it up!

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