Things You Can’t Control

Friday was a terrific day at KCS.  We started with our chapel/assembly.  I heard plenty of laughing and giggling, witnessed lots of learning and  heard “Hi, Mr. Logan!” throughout the day.  There was also a lot of rain.  It began about 11:30 a.m. and lasted throughout much of the rest of the day.  As I walked the hallways, sat in my office, stopped in at various classes, the first words that often came out of the mouths of many of the people I encountered was,  “Do you know it’s raining?”  Yes, I did.  In fact, it was impossible for me not to know it by the number of people who asked me the question.  By 2 p.m. I went and sat in the Business Office for 15 minutes so that I didn’t have to hear the question again.

Inclement weather during a school day usually has no impact.  Indoor recess certainly has its moments, but it’s survivable.  However, Friday was our annual Welcome Back BBQ.  It’s traditionally held outside in our parking lot.  In my thirteen years at the school, if I recall correctly, it was the first time it would not be able to be held outside.  As I’m a recovering superstitious athlete, I thought, “unlucky thirteen.”

Our parent volunteers had already made contingency plans to hold the festivities inside the school.  Rain or shine their posters proclaimed.  I knew we had plan in place just in case.  I also knew there was nothing I could do about the weather.  People had been letting me know about the forecast for three days prior to the event.  I’d smile.  No point worrying about this I thought as I had no ability to control the weather; I still slept soundly on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The BBQ happened.  It was hot and humid in the gym.  The students had fun and so did I. It was memorable.  Like our 2010 Christmas concert.  That day it snowed…

Derek Logan
Head of School

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